Cover of Tell the Time

  Title : Tell the Time Author : Dr. Seuss Illustrator : Dr.Seuss Publisher : HarperCollins Children’s Books Year of publishing : 2006 Age Suggestion : 2-3 Type : Picture Book, Rhytmic Book, Activity Book     Book with amazing pictures, fun activity, and beautiful rhyme words in one go! Can’t be more fun! You […]

The cover of The Bears' Picnic by Stan & Jan Berenstain

  Title : The Bears’ Picnic Author : Stan & Jan Berenstain Illustrator : Stan & Jan Berenstain Publisher : HarperCollins Children’s Book Year of Publishing : 2008 (firstly published in 1973) Age Suggestion : 3+ Type : Rhytmic Book, Picture Book     I gotta be honest, I’m not sure which one is the […]