Cover of I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss

Title : I Can Fly Author : Ruth Krauss Illustrator : Mary Blair Publisher : A Golden Book Year of Publishing : 1979 (First Published in 1951) Age Suggestion : 3-4 Type : Patterned Concept Books       I kinda confused whether I should put this book under “Participation Book” category or “Patterned Concept […]

Cover of The Jewel Thief by Barbara Bazaldua

Title : The Jewel Thief Author : Barbara Bazaldua Illustrator : Mattel, Inc Publisher : Golden Books Publishing Company Year of Publishing : 1998 Age Suggestion : 5+ Type : Picture Storybook       Now, I have to change the preferences of Little Golden Books. Apparently, not all the stories from Little Golden Books […]

Cover of The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate by Margaret Mahy

Title : The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate Author : Margaret Mahy Illustrator : Margaret Chamberlain Publisher : Orion Children’s Books Year of Publishing : 2013 (First Published in 1972) Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Picture Storybooks         Have you ever been to sea? One time, I went off in […]

Cover of Go Out for the Team by Berenstain Bears

“There were no foul lines, just base paths word by year after year of cubs running the bases. So there were a lot of arguments about foul balls. There was a rule against sliding into second base, because second base was a rock. And any ball that was hit into the duck pond in left […]

Cover of Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson

Title : Wriggle and Roar! Author : Julia Donaldson Illustrator : Nick Sharratt Publisher : Macmillan Children’s Books Year of Publishing : 2004 Age Suggestion : 5+ Type : Participation Books       It’s a very fun book because you can play along with Mrs. Julia Donaldson gives it to you. There are many […]

Cover of You Can't Use Your Brain If You're Jellyfish by Harriet Ziefert

Title : You Can’t Use Your Brain If You’re A Jellyfish Author : Harriet Ziefert Illustrator : Amanda Haley Publisher : Blue Apple Books Year of Publishing : 2005 Age Suggestion : 8+ Type : Informational Book       Brain is really great! It’s doing the fantastic job for our bodies. We can walk, […]

Cover of I Wonder Why My Tummy Rumbles by Brigid Avison

Title : I Wonder Why My Tummy Rumbles Author : Brigid Avison Illustrator : Chris Forsey, Ruby Green, Tony Kenyon, Linda Warrall Publisher : Kingfisher Publications Year of Publishing : 2002 Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Informational book         When I were little, I used to read some kind of Indonesian […]

Cover of This is Actually My Party by Lauren Child

Title : This is Actually My Party Author : Lauren Child Illustrator : Lauren Child Publisher : Puffin Books Year of publishing : 2014 Age Suggestion : 4+ Type : Picture Storybooks     It’s Charlie and Lola again! Both of them are going to be my favorites! They’re so funny. My niece, Isya, have […]

Cover of the Berenstain Bears and the Great Ant Attack

  Title : The Berenstain Bears and the Great Ant Attack Author : Stan & Jan Berenstain Illustrator : Stan & Jan Berenstain Publisher : Random House Year of Publishing : 2000 Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Chapter Books         Have you ever heard of the Berenstain Bears? I bet most […]