Cover of Go Out for the Team by Berenstain Bears

“There were no foul lines, just base paths word by year after year of cubs running the bases. So there were a lot of arguments about foul balls. There was a rule against sliding into second base, because second base was a rock. And any ball that was hit into the duck pond in left […]

Cover of Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson

Title : Wriggle and Roar! Author : Julia Donaldson Illustrator : Nick Sharratt Publisher : Macmillan Children’s Books Year of Publishing : 2004 Age Suggestion : 5+ Type : Participation Books       It’s a very fun book because you can play along with Mrs. Julia Donaldson gives it to you. There are many […]

Cover of Magic Treacle Jug by Mrs.Enid Blyton

“Pour me treacle, strong and sweet, For a Very Special Treat!”   Mrs.Enid Blyton always comes with so much exciting stories and a full moral lesson, too! Subscribe this site, so you can read more children’s books’ review and never miss it! By reading the review first, you can consider few things before buying the […]

Children's Books

Defining classics and distinguish them from ordinary children’s books have been a battle for me. I mean, I like many books that I think it’s a very great book, but apparently, according to the literature society, it isn’t classified as classic. Say, Mrs.Enid Blyton who wrote so many books from 1922 and literature society didn’t […]