Cover of Fasting With Zahra by Yuni W

Title : Fasting with Zahra (Berpuasa Bersama Zahra) Author : Yuni W. Illustrator : Ria Kriwil Publisher : Erlangga for Kids Year of Publishing : 2006 Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Picture Storybooks       Indonesian books, again! I’m always excited to review my country’s children’s books. Don’t think I will go very […]

Cover of Reynald's Wonderful Plan by Mrs.Enid Byton

Title : Reynard’s Wonderful Plan Author : Enid Blyton Illustrator : Sylvia Ward Publisher : Alligator Books Limited Year of Publishing : 2002 Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Chapter Books       Well, another typical of Mrs.Enid Blyton’s writing style. I’ve been quite disliking the false stereotype about carnivores for some time now. […]

Cover of The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate by Margaret Mahy

Title : The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate Author : Margaret Mahy Illustrator : Margaret Chamberlain Publisher : Orion Children’s Books Year of Publishing : 2013 (First Published in 1972) Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Picture Storybooks         Have you ever been to sea? One time, I went off in […]

Cover of Come Over to My House by Mr.Theo LeSieg

Title : Come Over to My House Author : Theo LeSieg Illustrator : Richard Erdoes Publisher : HarperCollins Children Books Year of Publishing : 2010 (First published 1967) Age Suggestion : 5+ Type : Nursery Rhymes       As usual, the Dr.Seuss’ books are really interesting! You can see that the author is not […]

Cover of Go Out for the Team by Berenstain Bears

“There were no foul lines, just base paths word by year after year of cubs running the bases. So there were a lot of arguments about foul balls. There was a rule against sliding into second base, because second base was a rock. And any ball that was hit into the duck pond in left […]

Cover of Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson

Title : Wriggle and Roar! Author : Julia Donaldson Illustrator : Nick Sharratt Publisher : Macmillan Children’s Books Year of Publishing : 2004 Age Suggestion : 5+ Type : Participation Books       It’s a very fun book because you can play along with Mrs. Julia Donaldson gives it to you. There are many […]