Cover of I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss

Title : I Can Fly Author : Ruth Krauss Illustrator : Mary Blair Publisher : A Golden Book Year of Publishing : 1979 (First Published in 1951) Age Suggestion : 3-4 Type : Patterned Concept Books       I kinda confused whether I should put this book under “Participation Book” category or “Patterned Concept […]

Cover of The Jewel Thief by Barbara Bazaldua

Title : The Jewel Thief Author : Barbara Bazaldua Illustrator : Mattel, Inc Publisher : Golden Books Publishing Company Year of Publishing : 1998 Age Suggestion : 5+ Type : Picture Storybook       Now, I have to change the preferences of Little Golden Books. Apparently, not all the stories from Little Golden Books […]

Cover of Fasting With Zahra by Yuni W

Title : Fasting with Zahra (Berpuasa Bersama Zahra) Author : Yuni W. Illustrator : Ria Kriwil Publisher : Erlangga for Kids Year of Publishing : 2006 Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Picture Storybooks       Indonesian books, again! I’m always excited to review my country’s children’s books. Don’t think I will go very […]

Cover of Reynald's Wonderful Plan by Mrs.Enid Byton

Title : Reynard’s Wonderful Plan Author : Enid Blyton Illustrator : Sylvia Ward Publisher : Alligator Books Limited Year of Publishing : 2002 Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Chapter Books       Well, another typical of Mrs.Enid Blyton’s writing style. I’ve been quite disliking the false stereotype about carnivores for some time now. […]

Cover of The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate by Margaret Mahy

Title : The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate Author : Margaret Mahy Illustrator : Margaret Chamberlain Publisher : Orion Children’s Books Year of Publishing : 2013 (First Published in 1972) Age Suggestion : 6+ Type : Picture Storybooks         Have you ever been to sea? One time, I went off in […]

Cover of Come Over to My House by Mr.Theo LeSieg

Title : Come Over to My House Author : Theo LeSieg Illustrator : Richard Erdoes Publisher : HarperCollins Children Books Year of Publishing : 2010 (First published 1967) Age Suggestion : 5+ Type : Nursery Rhymes       As usual, the Dr.Seuss’ books are really interesting! You can see that the author is not […]