Hi Kidders!


I know you all love to read, and it’s amazing! For you to acknowledge the whole world, whether you like it or not, you gotta read about them. Even though you definitely can hear from the radio (is there any radio nowadays?) or watching them in TV, you need to work up some vocabularies to understand what they say, right?


So, I suggest you to read, read, and read! That’s the reason why we are here to give you some shortcut to peek a little bit the books that you might love to read. The exciting exploration of wordplay from many, many authors! You need to broaden your choice of books though, because every author usually give different touch in their books.


I love books and I want every children loves books, too! So, I “steal” my sister’s collections of children books and review one of them. Oh don’t worry, I asked for her permission before I steal her books.


And meet our three heroes and heroines in Kiddy Reader’s Playground; Tombo, Isya, and Kekek. Would you like to be our heroes and heroines, too? Add some of your favorite book’s review and any of your creations here, we will help you find your suit in the shining armor of words and creativity!