I Can Fly : Follow the Little Girl’s Imagination!

Cover of I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss

Title : I Can Fly

Author : Ruth Krauss

Illustrator : Mary Blair

Publisher : A Golden Book

Year of Publishing : 1979 (First Published in 1951)

Age Suggestion : 3-4

Type : Patterned Concept Books




I kinda confused whether I should put this book under “Participation Book” category or “Patterned Concept Books” because this book contains repetition that we all can imitate. However, I finally chose a “patterned concept books” because there are really nothing much to do, only few imitation into animal’s sounds, the rests are more like rhyming words.


“I Can Fly” book is really great for you who still learn how to read. This book contains only one simple, small sentence each page. Except for the ending, which becomes a conclusion of everything, so it becomes a little longer.


I can pretty much write down every word Mr.Ruth Krauss (I’m not sure whether Mr/Mrs) give us in this book. But, where the fun is that? So, I will give you only a little bit brief;



A bird can fly.

So can I.

A cow can moo.

I can too.

I’m merrier

than a terrier.



See, very simple and fun! Not only words, this book can let you learn about few animals, too. It’s a little bit cliché though, a cow, a fish, a chick, like many other books. But, every book has their own character, and give us a bit different experience. Like this one, you can play along with the little girl and imagine many things with her.


Merrier than Terrier on I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss
Look how cute the little girl and the terrier playing in the flowery ground!


The illustration is very very cute, too! I bet you will also like it like I do. Furthermore, the drawing is colorful, simple, yet merrier, like the little girl in the book. What more exciting about this book is the music notes in the last page, so you can definitely sing while reading.


And hey, while learning few words, you can learn some music, too!


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