How Are You? Still Love Books, I Hope!

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Oh, long time no see! I’ve got caught in so many things, including the unfriendly weather, resulting decreased health. Hopefully, I can catch up again with you and pile of books around me, which I’ve been abandoned for so many weeks. I feel so terrible! 🙁


How are you?


I hope you’re still in love with books as much as I do. There are many things we can get from books. Words are really suggestive. Conscious or not, we can be directed by persuasive statements and opinions inside books. I often feel that my opinion changed as I read more books. Moreover, it can change my entirely life, as different perception can lead into a different action. Don’t you agree?

Little Pea Children's Books
After reading this book, my son suddenly said that he loves spinach! By the way, because I haven’t got this book yet, so I must use another source, hope they don’t mind. Here’s the site address :

I’ve got proof, if you want to know. Once, my son suddenly claimed on how much he loves spinach after he read “Little Pea.” It’s a very simple book for a very beginner readers. Each page only contains one or two simple sentences, no more than 3 or 4 words! Oh, I wish I’ve got this book with me now, but I will search for that book again and make a review for it. Yeah, I’ve read it, only my brain is not brainy enough to remember even one single sentence from that book.


Another proof, my son suddenly uttered the rhyme words when he talked to me. I can’t remember the exact words, but it clearly sounded like what Dr.Seuss usually wrote. One note for you, my son loves Dr.Seuss. Every time I’ve got Dr.Seuss book in my house, he will ask me to read it almost every night. Sometime, I must propose another book because I’m a boring adults, I need the different rhythm in my life ^^


That’s why books are very important in our life! You can learn technical things like I Wonder Why My Tummy Rumbles or simply how we should adapt in life, like The Sneetches. There are no boundaries, because books are written by so many different authors with, of course, different ideas and perceptions.


So, never ever stop reading, Kidders!


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