Cover of The Jewel Thief by Barbara Bazaldua

Title : The Jewel Thief

Author : Barbara Bazaldua

Illustrator : Mattel, Inc

Publisher : Golden Books Publishing Company

Year of Publishing : 1998

Age Suggestion : 5+

Type : Picture Storybook




Now, I have to change the preferences of Little Golden Books. Apparently, not all the stories from Little Golden Books are classics. This is something that I have to learn all over again. Classics or not, really makes me confused.


Another book from A Little Golden Book, this one is actually old, from 1950; The Jolly Barnyard by Mrs.Annie North Bedford


Well, let’s move on. Who likes Barbie? Yes, I bet many of you do or did. I mean, Barbie is really old, I guess she was born even before I was born. And now, Little Golden Book is collaborating with Mattel, Inc “to borrow” Barbie character as the illustration of this story. Nice move, fellas!


In this book, Barbie is a news reporter who will meet the royal guest, Princess Julia from Europe who was coming to New York to sponsor a new children’s medical center. Barbie intends to get an exclusive interview, so she arranges the dressing room for Princess Julia to get ready.


After the interview, Princess Julia is so shocked realizing that her jewelry box is gone! So, Barbie and the entire crews has to search for the box until they find it, otherwise the diplomatic relation between two countries will be ruined!


Well, I gotta admit, the last line is only my imagination, because in the real stories, Princess Julia seems very lovely person and has a kind heart. Yes, she felt upset after she found out the jewelry box was missing, but the princess didn’t lash out her anger into anyone, which is great!


Barbie interviews Princess Julia on The Jewel Thief by Mrs.Barbara Bazaldua
Barbie makes an exclusive interview with Princess Julia. See the tools, you can learn a bit about show recording!


Excuse me for telling you I don’t find the story is exciting. The story flow rather usual and nothing really surprises us. Anyway, we can learn a bit about news people here, as the illustration is quite detail, including a real tools which is used by them.


This story has a nice things to say, though, as Barbie is willingly to help, even though she’s not the part of security team in the building, and how they calmly face the situation makes a great impression on me. Princess Julia’s also pretty calm, she’s a bit upset firstly, but she can finally handle all well.


Mrs.Barbara Bazaldua also gave us the simple words that I bet you will easily understand. You may even understand it for the very first time, unlike Dr.Seuss or Mr.Roald Dahl who likes to use words with unique syllables. About the illustration, can I say more? It’s Barbie. Although, they do have some kind unrealistic image of how the women should appear, which arose the controversial opinions among people. What do you think? Let me know in comment below.


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