Reynald’s Wonderful Plan : A Cliche Animal Stereotype

Cover of Reynald's Wonderful Plan by Mrs.Enid Byton

Title : Reynard’s Wonderful Plan
Author : Enid Blyton
Illustrator : Sylvia Ward
Publisher : Alligator Books Limited
Year of Publishing : 2002
Age Suggestion : 6+
Type : Chapter Books




Well, another typical of Mrs.Enid Blyton’s writing style. I’ve been quite disliking the false stereotype about carnivores for some time now. I mean, they are merely animals, why would anyone thinks they’re evil or bad just because they follow their instincts, to eat other animals? That’s what you call food chain in the nature wildlife.
And this book came up with those stereotypes either.


Here’s another story about fox. This one is a really nice one: The Quick Brown Fox Cub


Reynard the fox was hungry and he thought that chicken and ducks would be tasty dish for him. That’s when he came up with this wonderful plan to trap them into the dug pit, then he could eat them all.


“So that night he dug the hole outside Mrs.Pheasant’s house and covered it lightly with twigs and leaves so that no one would see it.


Then he slipped little notes into Mrs.Henny-Penny’s letterbox, into Mr.Partridge’s, Mrs.Gooses’s and Mrs.Dilly Duck’s asking them to go to breakfast with Mrs.Pheasant and take their families with them.”


Oh Boy, what a wonderful plan! Reynard was sure already thinking it through! What he didn’t know, unfortunately, Mrs.Henny-Penny, Mr.Goose, Mrs.Goose and Mrs.Dilly Duck already knew that Mrs.Pheasant was away to visit her sick cousin, Miss Grouse. A definite hole in Reynald’s wonderful plan, so ironic!


For all of you who loves Mrs.Enid Blyton or at least familiar with her works will know right away what happened in the end of story. Not that I’m gonna spoil them though, but I certainly will have to give you an implicit sign of the story’s flow, if you may excuse me.


There are certain things I can see it right away in this book, how people interact each other. Nowadays, we are so engrossed with our electronic gadget, which is a good thing, because it eases the flow of our communication with others, but might make us forget about people near us, like our neighbors.


What tackles Reynald’s wonderful plan in this book is how close Mrs.Pheasant with her neighbors, so everyone knows exactly where she is and even her handwriting as well. Can you imagine what will happen if no one knows that? Well, one thing for sure, Reynald will be all happy and full right about now.


One thing I’m so confused about is when Mrs.Pheasant’s neighbors opened the invitation. First, Mrs.Enid Blyton said this,


“However, when Mrs.Henny-Penny opened her invitation for a time she had forgotten this. Mrs. Henny-Penny liked the idea of breakfast with Mrs.Pheasant. She made a good breakfast -“


“She remembered in time. So when Mrs.Henny-Penny and the rest found the invitations in their letter-boxes, supposed to come from Mrs.Pheasant, they were puzzled.”


Can you see what makes me confuse so? It can mean that they had to open the invitations twice, or Mrs.Henny-Penny’ not only forgot about Mrs.Pheasant, but she forgot that she already opened the invitation also or they travel back in time for couple of hours – because Mrs.Henny-Penny already finished cooking breakfast, right? Hmm…


Stuffs like this actually the work of the editing people, they must see this kind of a thing right away! So minus one for Alligator Books Limited for the editing part. But, I’ve rewarded them plus one too, for such a good layouting. The text is very clear with the right font size, so early fluent readers will have a good time with this one!


First Chapter of Reynald's Wonderful Plan by Mrs.Enid Blyton
Look how Reynald the Fox here! So cute, but seems so real, too!


The illustration also put in the nice place, so it didn’t disturb our reading. These drawings by Mrs.Sylvia Ward is very detail. It almost feels like a nice painting you often see hanging on the wall of the museum, you can even imagine how smooth the fur of Reynard here with the shadings all over his body. But, no worries, they still all look cute, you can see the attach image that I uploaded here! 😉


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