Author’s Review : Mrs.Enid Blyton and Her Writing Style

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I already told you many times how I love Mrs.Enid Blyton, because she has a great influence in my childhood. Pity that she’s the only one. Well, the other one is “Bobo” magazine, which is children magazine in Indonesia. Still famous until now, from around my childhood in 1990. Oh, I almost forgot how I always carried it around with me.


Anyway, I remembered I read Mrs.Enid Blyton’s books. Of course, it’s already translated in Indonesian, I don’t understand english, not one bit, when I was child. Usually, what I read is her antology, the collection of short stories. It’s great.


Here’s the other stories by Mrs.Enid Blyton; Don’t Be Silly, Mr.Twiddle



One of the story I remembered is about two girls, one of them is really nice and dilligent and the other is super lazy. One day, the old lady asked them to watch and clean up her house when she went away. She made sure that they did it perfectly, so he hid many coins in certain places, like under the pillow or in the plant’s pot. Well, guess who gets all the coins?


Another story I remembered vividly was about the donkey who’s afraid to go climbing in the slippery uphill road. Unfortunately, the owner was a mean man, who slapped and kicked the poor animal whenever the donkey wouldn’t climb up. Until one man arrived and help the donkey to climb up the road. He cleverly put the peebles in the slippery road and kindly escort the scared donkey. See, we can’t be mean to teach someone (or in this case, something), rather we can find a more effective way. Just use the strongest part of our body, which is brain!


This is how Mrs.Enid Blyton wrote things, by teaching us many moral lessons and helping us to understand how to be nice to other people. Since, Mrs.Enid Blyton was one of the oldies, I think it’s not surprising. Kinda typical of old writings, especially in children’s books area. Try to imagine that she started writing children’s books in 1926, really old time.


Sometimes, this kind of books can be unsuitable for crazy imagination of millenial generations who get the most out of easy information access. Mrs.Enid Blyton’s works definitely didn’t have the crazy things inside and his writing style more of calm and comfy. Yes, she put some heart throbbing conflicts, but still in comforting way. I am afraid the “now” generation would easily get bored with her style.


However, we really still need such kind of books who teach and remind us always to be kind towards other people. And for the older generation who had touched by her books, really can teach kids to love her books, too. Not in the mean way as the owner of the donkey, though!


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