Come Over to My House : Diversity in Cultures

Cover of Come Over to My House by Mr.Theo LeSieg

Title : Come Over to My House

Author : Theo LeSieg

Illustrator : Richard Erdoes

Publisher : HarperCollins Children Books

Year of Publishing : 2010 (First published 1967)

Age Suggestion : 5+

Type : Nursery Rhymes




As usual, the Dr.Seuss’ books are really interesting! You can see that the author is not under the name of Dr.Seuss, but Theo LeSieg is apparently another pen names of Dr. Seuss. You know, his real name actually is Theodore Geisel and LeSieg is an anagram of Geisel, just spell it backward. Fun facts! (Read this link if you want to know more : What’s the Connection Between Theodor Geisel, Dr. Seuss and Theo Lesieg?)


I especially love this book because of the cultural side. In this book, Mr.Theo LeSieg (let’s call him in the way he wanted to 😉 ) is not only underlining the necessity of socializing – through playing, of course – with your friends, but also to show us how varied the world is. We are not alone! It means that there are many many different kinds of people, cultures, skin, or simply, houses, in all over the world. Not alien, I don’t know about it, though 😀


Other children’s book which shows culture (a certain Inuit Tribe culture, though) is this book : Mama, Do You Love Me? : Learn about Inuit Tribes


Through this book you can learn that :


some houses are square

and some houses are round.

 There are all kinds of houses around to be found.

Some are on stilts high up off of the ground.”


In some houses, you can even play in the roof.


The roof of my house has a stork on a nest.

 The roof of my house is a good place to rest.

You can play on my roof.

But my house is so tall,

it’s a long way downstairs,

 to go after the ball.


How exciting, I love to play and have some rest on the roof, too. I don’t even mind if it’s raining.


Some houses are cold, some houses are hot. Some houses has every technology you can bring, but some houses can depend on nature’s kindness as well. No matter what, when we play together, everything should be fun, right?!


China's floating house on Come Over to My House by Mr.The LeSieg
And this is house in China, floating one. How exciting!


In short, Mr.Theo LeSieg showed us not only a difference in culture, but also the difference in many things, include the weather, the surroundings, even the richness. It can really make us learn that every things count on each of them, and it’s fun either way.


And I like how Mr.Theo LeSieg told us in very simple words. Not too many plays in the words and sentences makes this book is great for beginner readers.


Mr.Richard Erdoes gives us the very cute drawing with bright various colors, definitely stimulation. He has a different style from Dr.Seuss, though, the drawing is neat and didn’t really put some crazy activities in it. But, I think it fits the theme, that’s how you can exactly learn the houses from many countries all over the world in the real shape and with ease. In my humble opinion, house is supposed to be the place where we feel comfortable and at ease.


So, when do you want to come over to my house? I’m in Depok, Indonesia, by the way… 😉


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