Poem : “The Monkey”

1 little monkey

Was goin’ 2 the store

When he saw banana 3

He’d never climbed be 4.

By 5 o’clock that evening

He was 6 with stomach ache

‘Cause 7 green bananas

Was what that monkey 8.


By 9 o’clock that evenin’

That monkey was quite ill,

So 10 we called the doctor

Who was 11 on the hill.

The doctor said, “You’re almost dead.

Don’t eat green bananas no more.”

The sick little monkey groaned and said,

“But that’s what I 1-2 the 3-4.”


Wow, that’s quite a bit tricky.

You gotta associate the number with the words,

then you got the full story.

like “one” becomes “when” in the first line

and “one” becomes “want” in the last line.


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