The Magic Treacle Jug : Learn About Consequences

Cover of The Magic Treacle Jug by Mrs.Enid Blyton

Title : The Magic Treacle Jug

Author : Enid Blyton

Illustrator : Pam Storey

Publisher : Grandreams

Year of Publishing : 2002

Age Suggestion : 6+

Type : Picture Storybooks




Wow, Mrs.Enid Blyton isn’t included in classic authors’ list. But, excuse me, I will just put her into Kiddy Reader’s list because she accompanied me during my childhood 😉 But, there’s a reason why she isn’t included, you can read here: What Defines Children’s Classics.


Anyway, there are many reasons why you should ask for permission to borrow something that belongs to other people. Here, Mrs. Enid Blyton told one of the reason. Mother Tick-Tock have a jug. For Miggle the Goblin who happens to peek at Mother Tick-Tock’s kitchen , it looks like an ordinary jug. But, when Mother Tick-Tock says,


“Pour me treacle, strong and sweet,

For a very special treat!”


Jug pouring treacle on The Magic Treacle Jug by Mrs.Enid Blyton
Can you hold your desire of this delicious treacle? Miggle can’t and he gets what he deserves!


Suddenly, the jug pours down the good, thick, yellow delicious treacle. And the magic is, the treacle just keep pouring onto the slices of bread, enough to feed seven children! So much treacle that one ordinary jug can keep. Miggle, of course, is very amazed and gets jealous over it. He wants it, too! He only has the bread, surely some treacle will really help out to compliment the bread. So, he thinks he wants to borrow it just a little bit. I mean, it won’t hurt because he will just put a bit of treacle onto his own bread.


That’s where Miggle gets wrong and the jug becomes disaster. See, Miggle, you gotta ask first if you want to borrow it! It’s not only to respect the keeper, but also, you won’t know what’s actually going on with the things you borrow. It might bring you disaster like what happen to Miggle the Goblin.


This one is a typical story that Mrs.Enid Blyton usually gave us, about moral and kindness. However, the ending is a bit cliche (I’m not telling you, though!) to my taste, because there are a lot of stories have the same flow. But, Miggle the Goblin still bring us some fun with his witty behaviour.


I like the illustration, although I don’t find it’s unique, it’s colorful and in the hand of Mrs. Pam Storey, the treacle on the bread looks absolutely delicious! I think my mouth is watering right now! I bet it because she used such bright colors in her illustration.



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