Wriggle and Roar : Activities You Can Do At Home!

Cover of Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson

Title : Wriggle and Roar!

Author : Julia Donaldson

Illustrator : Nick Sharratt

Publisher : Macmillan Children’s Books

Year of Publishing : 2004

Age Suggestion : 5+

Type : Participation Books




It’s a very fun book because you can play along with Mrs. Julia Donaldson gives it to you. There are many rhymes you can join, just like they told you in the cover; “Rhymes to join with.” So, you can participate in many activities Mr.Julia Donaldson gave you in the book.


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You can play pretending like the little girl who likes to role-play as many animals. She swings around like chimpanzee and chases her tail like a playful cat or even charges about like an angry bull. Of course, she’s going to be herself again in the end of the day because it’s the  most exciting part, anyway.


How to gardening on Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson
Fun and easy gardening we can do at home! Give a little gift to mother nature!



Or else, you can learn about animal voices, practices along with the animals themselves as they told you how their sounds, of course, in exciting letters. Switch to the next page, gardening turns out to be very fun, too. There are few easy steps here if you care to learn and I think you gotta, because plants produce oxygen, which we fatally need to breathe!


And whenever you have itchy in your toe, I know it can be very very annoying, this book lets you know few songs to shoo away those terrible tickle. Whenever you sing the funny song like this below, of course you will totally forget the tickle in anywhere of your body! Check out one part of the song:




I’ve got a little tickle

In between my toes

Tickle, tickle, off you go!

Away the tickle goes!



This book really gives us many things in one go, such as learn counting numbers or even exercise your body through the nut tree dance. What? Are you curious? Well, you really need to read it yourself if you want to know how to move the nut tree dance. It’s not only fun, but also helps you to freshen up your body before you begin the day, I prove it myself! It releases a chemical called endorphin that can make you feel really good.


Well, I’m just a bit afraid that we can get bored considering how dense the contents of the book. I suggest you read it into several parts at different time, so you don’t get tired of playing along with many characters inside. Plus, you will have so much to do at home for the next few days!


My biggest credit for this book is how Mrs.Julia Donaldson includes daily chores into the activities, like hanging the laundry or gardening, so it’s not only the typical toddler’s activities. Because, you know, chores can be fun if we put some songs or other games into it, too.


And we can’t forget the illustration, too. The pictures by Mr.Nick Sharratt is very cute and have very clear interpretation of Mrs.Julia Donaldson’s writing. It makes every description by the author becomes very clear and easy to understand. And you will like how colorful the drawing by Mr.Nick Sharratt is!


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