Cover of Mr.Brown Can Moo Can You

Title : Mr.Brown Can Moo! Can You?

Author : Dr. Seuss

Illustrator : Dr. Seuss

Publisher : HarperCollins Children’s Books

Year of Publishing : 2003 (First Published in 1957)

Age Suggestion : 5+

Type : Participation Books




“Oh, the wonderful things

Mr.Brown can do!

He can go like a cow.

He can go MOO MOO

Mr.Brown can do it.

How about you?”


What’s great about participation books are parents can play along with the children while reading the books together. I mean, reading a book can be boring if there’s nothing to add into it. And if parents can’t be creative, it will just like a one-way conversation, while participation books like this one can help everyone to have fun, too, instead just listening.


If you want to see other kind of participation book, you can visit this link : Oh Say Can You Say by Dr.Seuss. This is the participation book too, although I was wrong before, I classified it as nursery rhymes. Silly me! But, I ensure you, I will correct it as soon as I can get up from my lazy chair. Oops!


Now, Mr.Brown can take us to his fun place, where we can become anything. I really mean it, you can sound like anything if you learn to be just like him. He is so smart that he can aware of many sounds around him and even imitate them. It’s not easy, I tell you, sometime you can’t just find the right letter combination to make an exactly similar sound. So, here’s a thought.



Mr.Brown go like goldfish's kiss on Mr.Brown Can Moo Can You by Dr.Seuss
I never notice the sound of the goldfish’s kiss. How smart Mr.Brown is!



Go along with Mr.Brown to do wonderful things, because he can imitate every sound, even the weirdest or easily avoidable sound that we miss in our everyday life. Say, he can go like some animals, like we often read and hear; he can go like a cow or like a bee, or even a soft sound of butterfly. But, in the other hand, he can go like many things else, unusual ones, like a squeaky shoe or like a lightning. The most amazing part is Mr.Brown can even make a noise like a goldfish kiss.


Can you go as smart as Mr.Brown?


Imitating sound and associate it with pictures can be a real easy way to learn about animals and any other things. It comes along with interactive pictures that Dr.Seuss usually give us, so it’s even easier for us to understand the words and to imagine how the sounds go alike.


For the very beginner readers, the simple combination of letters in this book can help you to learn words more easily. Such as “Moo,” it’s an easy combination between two letters with a cute interesting sound. Well, no wonder, the sound of a cow is being a hit anywhere and anyday, for all I know!



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