You Can’t Use Your Brain If You’re Jellyfish

Cover of You Can't Use Your Brain If You're Jellyfish by Harriet Ziefert

Title : You Can’t Use Your Brain If You’re A Jellyfish

Author : Harriet Ziefert

Illustrator : Amanda Haley

Publisher : Blue Apple Books

Year of Publishing : 2005

Age Suggestion : 8+

Type : Informational Book




Brain is really great! It’s doing the fantastic job for our bodies. We can walk, eat the food we like, even blink our eyes thanks to brain! Do you know we, as human, have 100 billion cells in our brain? It’s a million times bigger than a mosquito’s, 400 times bigger than a crow’s and 20 times bigger than a dog’s. I’m not that informative, I just read it in the book. This is the best thing about books, they give you a lot. And, of course, all you have to give back is to keep them safe.


This is a very cool site to learn about brain and many other things about your body. Just click here : All About Kids’ Health


So, it’s not really focusing on jellyfish actually, but I think the title is pretty interesting. It makes you curious and makes you want to take a glance into it. The problem is, I bet you can’t get enough with one glance. The way Mr. Harriet Ziefert (honestly I don’t know it’s Mr. or Mrs., apparently internet can give nothing about this one) tells us many things about brains is interesting. Simple yet fun!


Here’s you can learn about brains of each animal. There are monkey’s brain, dog’s brain and even mosquito’s brain. But, never ask about jellyfishes’ brain because they don’t have any. That’s why you can’t use your brain if you’re jellyfish, because you can’t use it if you don’t have one, right? A little bit tricky title, really.


Parts of brain on You Can't Use Your Brain If You're Jellyfish
You can learn about your brain here. Mr. Harriet Ziefert shows us fun diagram of human brain.

Not only that, you can see the parts of your brain clearly here if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like behind your skull. It’s always fun to know more, right? Especially without boring lecture-like explanation. Mr. Harriet Ziefert even put some poems that you can enjoy while learning about brain.


The illustrator by Mrs. Amanda Haley is a little odd to my taste. But, in a pretty good way. Not my favorite or the most unique one, but I can enjoy it. The character of the drawings a little bit similar with some cartoons in Nickelodeon, I’m thinking about The Rugarts, to be exact. Do you know the cartoon show, whose story about the very smart baby, even though he’s still wearing diapers?


Good thing is Mrs. Amanda Haley is simplifying the illustration, so we can read without really disturbed by many background pictures. Maybe that’s what she wanted from the very first time.


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