The Giving Tree : Mother Nature Gives Us All

Cover of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Title : The Giving Tree
Author : Shel Silverstein
Illustrator : Shel Silverstein
Publisher : Particular Books
Year of Publishing : 2010 (Published in 1964)
Age Suggestion : 5+
Type : Picture Storybooks


Personal Photo by Kiddy Reader
It’s my beloved son. I told him to hold the tree, he’s kinda expresionless ^^;

I totally love this book. It’s remembering me again why I thought about making this site and making me all excited again. To share what I had (or my sister had 😀 ) towards many children about books, even if only the reviews. Alas, I’m not gonna as amazing as the giving tree. Because she’s giving all to the one she loves and it’s quite true, what has tree not given to us all?


The leaves?

A shade to rest?

The unlimited beauty?


Trees even absorb this poisonous gas called Carbon Monoxide (CO) and turn it into oxygen that we all need to breathe!
See, this is all the things about this book. There was a tree and a little boy. They used to love each other. The boy would come every day to gather her leaves or climb her trunk and eat her apples. There were so many things that they would do together and they both were happy.


But, time passed by and the little boy grew older. The tree was often alone as if the boy might never come by again. And of course, many things changed and so was the little boy. One day, the little boy who already turned into an adult came to the tree and of course the tree was happy about that. And the tree said,


“Come, boy, come and climb
up my trunk and swing from my branches
and eat apples and play in my shade
and be happy.”
“I’m too big to climb and play,” said the boy.
“I want to buy things and have fun.
I want some money.”


And you know, the tree said to him to pick the apples she had and sell them in the city. All the tree wanted is to make the boy happy, so she gave many things to him. I know I might spoil the whole story, but actually it’s kinda obvious. You see, as the little boy grew older and older, he wanted so much more until he took everything that the tree had. She then became only an old stump.


But, for the last time, she offered the little boy a place to sit and to get some rest. When the boy did, the tree was happy.
I can’t tell you how much I’m touched by the little story. I mean, it’s nothing complicated, it’s nothing wild and crazy, just a beautiful illustration about how nature has given us so much. And sometimes, we never have enough. With the simple dialogues, Mr. Shel Silversten told us many things about human and their life.



What also strikes me is how the simple drawing can mean much. It’s only a black and white illustration, when in one side there’s this tree and in the other side is the little boy. Often, Mr. Shel Silverstein will draw the expression of the emotion the tree had with her braid of her leaves tangled to each other when she felt lonely.


And this book is classic, which means that it was the book people loved from time to time. I can’t say no more, you gotta have this one.



  • Hana Bilqisthi on

    Hana kira blognya bilingual ternyata full english. templatenya juga bagus 😀


    • admin on

      Hi hana, makasih mau maen ke sini. iya, full english karena mau menjangkau pasar lebih luas dan sumber daya (alias buku-buku yg ada) kebetulan impor semua hehe… Kalau hana mau, bisa posting juga, lewat bagian “go wild” asal masih berhubungan dengan buku atau anak-anak 😉


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