The Sneetches : Can You Stand the Difference?

Cover of The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss

Title : The Sneetches

Author : Dr. Seuss

Illustrator : Dr. Seuss

Publisher : Random House

Year of Publishing : 1989 (First Published in 1961)

Age Suggestion : 6+

Type : Picture Storybooks




What a great book! My sister recommended this book personally to me and told me that The Sneetches is a very cool book. She’s totally right.


This is actually a compilation of Dr. Seuss’ work which contains four great stories. Each of them is sarcastically funny, I gotta be honest, that’s why I think Dr. Seuss is genius. My friend once told me that children’s books that is filled with too much moral lesson tend to get boring and I kinda agree to it, but it doesn’t apply with Dr. Seuss’ books. His books always full of moral lesson, but they are still very exciting and interesting.


What special about Dr. Seuss’ books are most of the contents he wrote happened in adults’ world as well, so adults gotta read his books, too. It’s a great warning for the children, and on-point reminders for adults.


Well, let’s talk about the book. The story begins with The Sneetches who lives near the beaches. There are two kinds of the Sneetches, that is one who has a star in their bellies, and one who has not. You can probably guess what’s happen to them; the Star-Belly Sneetches feel more special than the Plain-Belly Sneetches just because the small star that you and I might not notice at all. And they just leave the Plain-Bellies out, never let the them come near the Star-Belly Community.


Until Mr. Sylvester McMonkey McBean comes and offers the great deal for the Plain-Bellies. Only with $3, they can go into Mr. McBean’s machine to get the star in their bellies, and become as special as the Star-Bellies.


The Sneetches in and out of Mr. McBean's Machine on The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss
This is what happens when someone wants to be alike with someone else. It becomes chaos and there Mr. McBean stands with all the benefits from our fear of the difference of others.




Off again! On again! In again! Out again! They kept paying money. They kept running through Until Neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew Whether this one was that one… or that one was this one Or which one was what one… or what one was whoDr. Seuss









To my taste, The Sneetches is the best story among all four, but other stories give us many more, too. There’s this stubborn North-Going Zax and South-Going Zax who never wants to compromise, so they never evolve along with the development of the world. There’s a mother who names her twenty-three children with the same name and it ends up really chaotic. Also, there is someone who’s afraid of someone else just because they’re different. Each story illustrates the social phenomenon in our daily life and it’s right on the money.


I don’t believe in the similarities, because I can’t imagine if everyone has the same interests. If everyone wants to be doctor, no one can build our houses. If everyone wants to be architect, no one can heal the sick people. Everything will be imbalance. I bet Dr. Seuss thinks the same, too. You can see from this book that tells many about differences and how it works.


Well, say no more! Please buy it, I beg you!



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