Cover of The Jolly Barnyard by Annie North Bedford

Title : The Jolly Barnyard

Author : Annie North Bedford

Illustrator : Tibor Gergely

Publisher : Random House

Year of Publishing : 2004 (First Published in 1950)

Age Suggestion : 4+

Type : Predictable Books





The book from more than half century ago! Wow!


As the classic book, The Jolly Barnyard is quite interesting. In fact, my son really loves it from the first time he borrowed the book from his cousin, Kekey. I think it’s also because he loves animals, and surely there are many animals in this book. Well, it’s quite predictable, “the barnyard”, duh! This is the first time I review the predictable books, at least I think so, because that what University of California suggested.


(If you want to see the full explanation just follow this link: Types of Children’s Books)


Farmer Brown has many, many animals in his barnyard. He takes care all of them with great care and those animals love him back! Today, Farmer Brown is happier than usual, because it’s his birthday!



“Said Farmer Brown, “Tra-la, tra-lee!

Today is my birthday, lucky me!

I’ll give my animals a treat – 

for each, what he likes best to eat.”



Of course, the animals become so happy, too! Their favorite food, yay! So, all the animals gather around and discuss what is the best birthday’s present that they can give to this kind farmer? Can you guess what?


The horse and the cow in The Jolly Barnyard by Annie North Berford
Look how realistic the drawing is. I found many old picture books has the same drawing style.


If you read many classic picture books, you will be able to guess it instantly it is a classic one (I mean, even without took glance in the clothing style he drew, too). The illustration tells it all. Tibor Gergely sure gave us the typical illustration from classic era, with the detailed realistic picture. Really realistic, so you cannot find the crazy image here.


I love how Tibor drew the farmer, but I find I have rather complicated feeling with the horse and the cow. It’s just too realistic with the slight hair in their jaws and the realistic muscles they had, I can’t tell whether I like it or not. I prefer something that is more crazy and interactive, so that I feel it’s closer to the nature of children.


For the early reader, this book is great to polish your talent in reading. Annie North Bedford put some simple words and there is definitely no complicated word. Moreover, you can learn about the vocabularies of animals and baby animals here. I just knew that baby horse is called ‘colt.’ Wow, I gotta polish my ability in English, too!



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