Cover of This is Actually My Party by Lauren Child

Title : This is Actually My Party

Author : Lauren Child

Illustrator : Lauren Child

Publisher : Puffin Books

Year of publishing : 2014

Age Suggestion : 4+

Type : Picture Storybooks



It’s Charlie and Lola again! Both of them are going to be my favorites! They’re so funny. My niece, Isya, have once told me how she’s amazed by Charlie’s patience when facing Lola the lil’o’trouble. He always takes care of Lola patiently!


(You can see in one of their series, Charlie is really patient. Take a peek my review here : I Can Do Anything That’s Everything All On My Own)


Even so, this time, Charlie’s not so patience anymore. However, it’s one and only Charlie’s big day!



Inside page of This is Actually My Party by Lauren Child
Look, Charlie is totally gone mad!
You see, everyone gets excited about their born day. So is Charlie. He’s already planned the party, but Lola has something else in her mind! Besides, their mother told her to help Charlie, so she will help as much as she can! How about opening Charlie’s birthday cards? Or to arrange her own games, which is Musical Statues?


“Monsters hate pink,” says Charlie. But, it doesn’t stop Lola to make pink icing on top of the cupcakes.  She keeps helping Charlie though he’s warning her. How Lola can’t wait to attend Charlie’s party! When she already gives too many helps, Charlie finally loses his temper and gets mad to Lola. He tells her, it’s his birthday party!


Then, how can Lola turns the table and clean up the mess? This time, you’re gonna see how sweet Lola is!


This book can help us to understand that sometimes kindness without consideration can be bad, too. I mean, helping someone is a really nice thing to do! But, what if he/she doesn’t actually need or want the help? They might not like it. That’s why you should always offer your assistance to other people and never get around your way on your own, okay? We can irritate them that way.


Like I told you before, I like the illustration. There’s something new I find in this book, though. When Lola opens Charlie’s birthday cards, you can see the picture in it. And some of the cards have the realistic picture, I mean like a photographed picture. I don’t really like cartoon drawings is mixed up with the photograph picture. I just don’t feel a connection between them.


But, of course, it just one-woman opinion. Arts sometime about taste, you know?



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