Cover of the Berenstain Bears and the Great Ant Attack


Title : The Berenstain Bears and the Great Ant Attack

Author : Stan & Jan Berenstain

Illustrator : Stan & Jan Berenstain

Publisher : Random House

Year of Publishing : 2000

Age Suggestion : 6+

Type : Chapter Books





Have you ever heard of the Berenstain Bears? I bet most of you’ve already heard them because they’re great in building a story. I already read two of their series and both of them are funny.


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If you don’t like insects, you must have agreed with Sister Bear. She doesn’t like them, at all. When her brother challenged her to watch some horror-insects-involved-movies, she closed her eyes throughout the movie, because she doesn’t want to have some nightmares!


Unluckily, she must prepare herself to face the Great Ant Attack. It’s definitely hard on her because ants are insects, too. The Professor Actual Factual actually made some terrifying experiments, involving ants and it became some kind of mutants, they are really big. The problem is, the queen of ant actually escaped! To think the Berenstain Bears must have encountered them first of all the people! Poor Sister Bear!


Inside Page of the Berenstain Bears and the Great Ant Attack
Here’s come the savior, Dr. Smythe-Jones, the Hymenopterists, which is the expert on insects order, including ants


It becomes quite wuss in the town where they live, but Professor Actual Factual thinks about solution and calls his friend, Dr. Smythe-Jones, the world’s leading hymenopterist, who knows all about animals order. No worries, there’s an explanation in this book about what the hymenopterist is.


This book is funny. I like when Stan and Jan Berenstain described the moment the Berenstain Bears eat with the sound of eating, “yums” and it’s actually changed into “yipe” and “yows,” which indicates that they hurt. It makes the narration much more interesting because it’s something fresh and new for me.


And you know, while you’re reading this book, you can actually learn about ants, too. Professor Actual Factual (Jan & Stan are really really smart in choosing the name because finding character’s name can be really hard!) and his nephew Ferdy Factual often give an explanation about ants. In first chapters, Father Bear mentioned about “The Balance of Nature” which makes me really happy, because the explanation is simple and quite on point! (It’s quite true, I checked a little bit Lifecycle of Ant Colony . Just click it if you’re curious!)


Papa Bear said, “…they’re all part of nature’s great scheme. All those icky, buggy creatures, all creatures and plants, in fact, and even the Earth itself, make up what’s called the balance of nature.” Mama Bear helped him with saying, “…if there were no mosquitoes, dragonflies, and water bugs for the trout to eat, we wouldn’t be having honey-cured trout for supper tonight.” Honey and fish, two favorite foods’ bear. How clever!


The publisher printed the texts in quite a big font, so it’s clear and easy to read. Very suitable for you who just wants to develop your readings into the next level.


By the way, it’s so coincidence how I lately encounter the great ant attack, too! (Of course, they’re not as big as all ant colonies in this book)



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