Yeti Spaghetti : Beware, Full of Delicious Foods!

Cover of Yeti Spaghetti by Samantha Hay

Title : Yeti Spaghetti

Author : Samantha Hay

Illustrator : Mark Beech

Publisher : Macmillan Children’s

Year of Publishing :  –

Age Suggestion : 5+

Type : Chapter Books




You see, my sister had a whole bunch of children books that she bought for her two kids (and I’m pretty sure she will buy some more). And I’ve got an idea, why don’t I review it, so any child in the world knows about those books, too. So exciting!


In short, I reviewed the used books. Including Yeti Spaghetti. Unfortunately, the copyright detail had been torn, that’s why I let the year section went blank. But, I browsed google and I find there one edition came up in 2011 (but, from the information, I found out they created it in 1971, you can find the detail by clicking this: Yeti Spaghetti on National Library Board)


The first time I read it to my son, I liked the book already. The story is about Scoffi, the village where everybody loves to cook! Including Peter, the young boy who is the best chef in Scoffi. But, they are having the problem with yetis. Besides the great village of foods, Scoffi is the place where Yetis grow, too. And these yetis always disturb the villagers by stealing their foods.


(I have reviewed another book about foods that can make you drool like this one check out by clicking this: The City of Banana Fritters)


Inside Page of Yeti Spaghetti by Samantha Hay
Imagine, when you and your classmates had a meeting and Yetis just come barged in! Interesting choices of colors by Mark Beech in Yeti Spaghetti book!


The bigger problem comes when the world-scale cookery competition will be being held in Scoffi. The people don’t want the Yetis ruin the competition so they hire Yan, the yodeller to scare out the Yetis. All those poor animals hate Yan’s yodelling.


I love the illustration made by Mr. Mike Beech, which is messy, but very interesting and have a cute tone of colors! By the way, there’s the illustration about Mrs. Samantha Hay and Mr. Mike Beech themselves at the end of the page, and Mr. Mike Beech is actually love yodelling! Wow!


This plot story is very interesting with a little bit cute twist in the end of the story. Mrs. Sam also made the simple sentences so they are easy to read. Given the texts’ really clear also, you can totally enjoy it, even though there are many texts inside.


And make sure you read this book before you eat because this book will make you drool, and hence, increasing your appetite to eat. There’s yummy spaghetti, really delicious pineapple cake, maybe that’s one of the reason I love this book!



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