Don’t Be Silly, Mr. Twiddle : Short Stories about Silliness

Cover of Don't Be Silly Mr. Twiddle by Enid Blyton


Title : Don’t Be Silly, Mr. Twiddle

Author : Enid Blyton

Illustrator : Stephen Dell

Publisher : Bounty Books

Year of publishing : 2014  (first published 1949)

Age Suggestion : 9+

Type : Novel


Do you know, for almost all of my life, I always thought Enid Blyton was a guy? After more than 30 years, I’ve finally found out that she was a woman! Silly me! I’m just almost as silly as Mr. Twiddle!


Yes, it’s about Mr. Twiddle and his silly acts. I’m sure he’s not really silly, otherwise he just lacks of concentration. But, some people will consider and see it as silly. He also often makes funny mistakes. You see, Mr. Twiddle lives with her beloved wife, Mrs. Twiddle. Unlike him, she has an excellent concentration, and a great memory, too! Of course, her wife often becomes agitated and angry towards Mr. Twiddle. I think the fact that he’s really afraid of his wife make his concentration falls hard, too.


Inside page of Don't Be Silly, Mr. Twiddle by Enid Blyton
This first story about Mr. Twiddle misheard his wife is really funny, I ensure you!

One day, Mr. Twiddle misheard Mrs. Twiddle and instead sheet and coat, which of course that’s more sensible request, he brought the sheep and goat into the house! (This is the part where I laugh quite hard!) Just imagine how your mother will take it such silliness, that’s how Mrs. Twiddle reacted.


Not to mention he once brushed his teeth with the power glue, that made him cannot open his mouth until his frustrated tears make the glue came off again. Now, that one mistake is really silly, because there must be huge difference between toothpaste’s tube and glue’s tube. Maybe, there is ones that are really similar? Let me know in the comment section below, okay?


This one more to a light novel than a chapter book, because it contains so little illustration. I love the illustration, by the way, Mr. Stephen Dell pictured Mr. Twiddle as a cute man. He looked like a little boy sometime, you know, the character with the big head and small figures.


Although there’s only a little bit illustration to touch up few pages (nicely, to my taste), I promise that you will never get bored when you’re reading this light novel. We’re talking about Mrs. Enid Blyton here, duh! And here’s for the beginner in advanced reading, this one is very suitable for you because each story is not really connected to each other, so you can jump one story into another without being confused.


There’s a sweet surprise in this book for Mr. Twiddle. I already told you that his wife makes him so nervous, right? Well, I gotta say, she’s actually a kind woman deep inside (sometimes you even gotta dig it up first, just kidding). You will know exactly what I mean when you read the last chapter.


I really recommend this book, it’s so funny!



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