The Quick Brown Fox Cub : Little Foxes Move Into Town

cover of The Quick Brown Fox Cub

Title : The Quick Brown Fox Cub

Author : Julia Donaldson

Illustrator : Lucy Richards

Publisher : Egmont

Year of Publishing : 2005

Age Suggestion : 6+

Type : Chapter Books





Oh, the foxes are so cute! Foxes are usually illustrated as a sneaky and evil creature (remember the fox in Dora the Explorer?). Here, Mrs. Julia pictured the foxes as cute animals and I love it! Together with Mrs. Lucy, they pictured Frisk and his families into the very sweet foxes. I bet you will love how Mrs. Lucy drew the Frisk, too!


First of all, the story is about the little fox that really loves adventure, named Frisk. He jumped here and there, into the unknown place, made his mom worried every single time. Especially, because there was a hunter in the jungle. Human hunter, of course. Surely she would be very worried in one of her cubs being shot by hunter. That’s why, his mom decided to move in to town.


For Frisk, a little curious fox, it only meant a new adventure! Foxes is a nocturnal animal, it means that they become active at night and sleep through the day. But, Frisk noticed the excitement in town at noon, and decided it’s time to jump into the adventures! Yes, he was afraid of the car, train, and thought them as a hunter the first time he saw them, but he adapted easily.


So, while his mom and other Fox Cubs fall asleep, he would walk around the town. He even managed to get into the little human girl’s house because he thought the cat flap was for him! What do you think will happen when the little girl looked at the fox?


Well, you gotta read this by yourself.


Inside Page of The Quick Brown Fox Cub
Here’s the scene where little Frisk see little human girl for the first time. How Mrs. Julia describe it was exciting!


The story itself is more to the sweet side, than the exciting one. There are no crazy imagination being pictured here, but I love when Mrs. Julia expressed the scene when human girl met with a little fox. We can feel the excitement between them in the simplest way.


And for you who just moved into the new town, this book can totally ease you up. It can inspire you on how to adapt to the new situation. I mean, it’s not really bad once you got into it. You can learn from Frisk and his curiosity. Also, his curiosity made him learn so many new things. Can you imagine fox that can read? Oh, you must make an acquaintance with little Frisk.


You can find the book by clicking this link; The Quick Brown Fox Cub in Amazon


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