Into the Forest : Strange Things Do Happen in the Forest

Cover of Into the Forest


Title : Into the Forest

Author : Anthony Browne

Illustrator : Anthony Browne

Publisher : Walker Books

Year of Publishing : 2004

Age Suggestion : 6+

Type : Picture Storybook





Adapting from few fairy tales by Grimm Brothers, Anthony Browne put some characters that I’m sure you know well from the bedtime stories book. And they’re quite famous, too!


Inside Page of Into the Forest
Photo by Dirga Agusta


Suddenly, the little boy’s Dad didn’t come home for a long time. It was the first time he did that, of course the poor little boy was worried about him. He missed him a lot. To put more of his misery, his Mum all quiet about it, she just kept silent.


One day, Mum asked him to deliver cake to his Grandmother who was poorly. Mum said not to walk through the forest, but he didn’t listen. Weird things then happened in the forest. He met a boy who wanted to exchange his cow with the cake. It makes you remember Jack and the beanstalk, right? After rejected the offer, he met a little girl, who wanted the cake so bad, I don’t know which fairy tales Anthony Browne adapt into this scene, do you? But, I’m sure the two lost siblings who missed their parents were Hansel and Gretel.


I’m confused about this plot story. I gotta tell you the spoiler. In the end, little boy met his father in his grandma’s house! But, what happen? Mum looked sad in the first pages, so she mustn’t know about it! And all the strange things happened in the forest is not actually connected to the fact Dad’s gone missing and suddenly showed up in Grandma’s house! But, why Grandma? Is he hiding there? No one wants to explain it to me! I’m so sad!


And I have to be honest, I don’t really find the story exciting and fun, too. Sorry, Anthony Browne, I just don’t.


But, I must give a good credit for the author for such an artsy book. This one has a beautiful drawing, just like painting. The background, especially the forest, is quite detailed. He especially put more detail in the trees. I can’t tell that I like the way he drew the person, it’s actually a little bit weird to my taste. To do justice, my son really loves the cover. Anthony Browne drew the path along the forest from the back of the book until the front cover. Yeah, I think it’s interesting, too.



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