Nighty-Night : Let’s Sleep Safe and Sound Tonight

Cover of Nighty Night


Author : Sesame Workshop

Illustrator : Sesame Workshop

Publisher : Bendon Publishing International, Inc.

Year of publishing : 2006

Age Suggestion : 2-3

Type : Nursery Rhyme





It’s never too early to start reading to your baby.”


Definitely agree. So, I can suggest for parents to read it to your 0-1 year-old baby, too. Baby have a great brain and they learn so fast! Before actually reading, they need to be introduced to letters. Later, they can associate the words with our spelling, and they will imitate in no time! Especially, because they print out the words with the big fonts, makes it easy to read. Accompany with each junior character from Sesame Street, it became really cute and interesting.


Who doesn’t know about Sesame Street? I bet almost everyone knows them. I still remembered when I was in elementary school, I loved to watch them on TV. It’s more than 20 years ago. Oh, how old I am! Back then, they were already adult, or maybe teenager? I can’t guess doll’s age, too difficult!


But, in each page of this book, they are babies. There were Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and the famous couple, Ernie and Bert. Each of them, had toys to snuggle when they wanted to go to bed. Let’s see…


Inside page of Nighty-night


Elmo has a bunny who helps him get to sleep

The bunny’s soft and comfy, and never makes a peep”

“When it’s time for bed, Big Bird can sleep almost anywhere,

 as long as he has his favorite teddy bear.”



This book is really suitable to read before the children got to sleep. The illustration shows each character who’s sleepy and looks ready to go to bed, snuggling with their toys or favorite things. Usually, with emphatic tendency of child’s instincts, those kinds of sensation also suggests them to be sleepy and comfortable.


Also, the cute and simple words, I think will help anyone who hears or reads to sleep safe and sound. So, would you like to snuggle with your most favorite toy tonight?


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