Review Duolingo : Learning Language Application

Duolingo learning language application


Do you like to learn many languages?


Well, today is really perfect to learn. To be exact, in this era. Everything seems easy and simple because there are many great people who help us. These people are the programmers who designed so many applications.


Lately, I am really interested in learning German. Honestly, it is my son who’s interested and I am his follower only. I think it will be very efficient for us learning together. I can help him whenever he had troubles. It saves me some money to pay the language lesson actually, l.o.l!


So, I tried several applications (there are many, I should tell you!) First application is really for kids, pointed out the vocabularies only. So are the other ones. Excuse me because I don’t give you the list, I forgot the application’s name already. I’m oh so old!


Then, I met Duolingo! It’s a first love actually because he is so interesting with his yellow beak and green fur. Ah, I’m mumbling!


By the way, if you want to know more, just click Here


What I really want to say is the application is really easy to use. Duolingo isn’t only teach you the words, but also the structure of sentences and grammars (sometime German grammars can be very confusing). There are medal feature to motivate you, and of course, a group where you can notice your friends’ development in learning! How exciting!


Later, you find that this app is focusing the lesson in the sentences’ structure and grammars, which I think much better because that’s the hardest part of learning any language.


My son even dared to try another language, Spanish and French, even though I wasn’t obliged him at all! He’s having a pretty fun time in learning language, too! (I don’t need to tell you whether he’s still doing it or not, right? :p ) Perfekt! No, I’m not misspelled it, it’s “perfect” in German language.

Duolingo Learning Language Application
These few boosts that can save the day of your lesson!

I’m so silly because I’ve forgotten to mention another feature, the boost, of course! You can have weekend amulet to maintain your day-streak, you will have lingots to buy outfit for your Duo, it’s important, I can tell!


And the most amazing one, ask your parents to learn with you, I bet they will be addicted! Maybe more than you are!


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