Cover of The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus

Title : The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus

Author : John Yeoman

Illustrator : Quentin Blake

Publisher : Andersen Press

Year of Publishing : 2013

Age Suggestion : 3+

Type : Picture Book, Rhytmic Book




Circus! Have you ever been to circus? Honestly, I haven’t. Until 32 years of my life, I have never been to any circus. In Indonesia, I guess circus is not really that widely known. Except for few hereditary tricks, like Kuda Lumping, Topeng Monyet, and there’s fire-breather here too, but they are usually an independent community. Well, it might call Indonesian Circus. And if you want to know what Kuda Lumping and Topeng Monyet, you can ask your parents or browse in the google, with your parents’ guidance, of course!


This one, telling us about circus, The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus. How interesting! They’re not only one bunch of strangers gather around to make one circus group, but a whole family! You can even see little kids join their parents to do some tricks. Cool!


In this circus, there are a common tricks, such as pulling a really really really long scarf or a string of flags, in their case. Until the special tricks, making a dog sing! As usual, this book is for beginner reader, so John Yeoman played with words, making some fabulous cute poems, which can be easily read and understood by the beginner readers.


I already posted another review of John Yeoman’s work, titled “The Heron and The Crane.” The one that’s really funny, if you already read it, you will never be able to forget! Just like me! Try to read the review first here : Review of The Heron and the Crane.  Let’s look for few quotes from this book :


Inside page of The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus
They pull a very very long string of flags from the Tom’s hat


When Min and Fred put up the flags It raises lots of smiles – They pull them out of young Tom’s hat, For miles and miles and miles.


Aunt Esmeralda Foskett does a most amazing thing – She makes the dog and birds do tricks, and then gets them to sing.


A child acts in The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus
They included their children in the circus’ tricks! How cool!


I can’t imagine little children in the very daring act as circus’ tricks, but I bet they already practiced this many, many times. So, don’t do all of this at home, kids, except under your parents’ guidance!


The poems that Mr. John Yeoman gave us is really fun. Supported by a great illustration by Quentin Blake, it became more and more fun! Have I ever told you I like this kind of drawing style, messy and fun, definitely comfortable just like a child’s drawing? Even if I did, I must tell you once again! Really love it!




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