Cover of Tell the Time


Title : Tell the Time

Author : Dr. Seuss

Illustrator : Dr.Seuss

Publisher : HarperCollins Children’s Books

Year of publishing : 2006

Age Suggestion : 2-3

Type : Picture Book, Rhytmic Book, Activity Book



Book with amazing pictures, fun activity, and beautiful rhyme words in one go! Can’t be more fun! You can read the exciting words while in the same time your finger can play the clock’s hand that actually can move.


What more can I say about Dr. Seuss? Many children’s books are made by him. He even drew the character and any other illustrations in his books. If you don’t know Dr. Seuss, you might know the Cat in the Hat. Wasn’t there a movie about this character?


Inside page of Tell the Time
What do you think you can do at 01.30 PM? Maybe Dr, Seuss can give you idea!

Tell the Time gives us much more fun! There’s a replica of the clock with the actual hands. You can move them as much as possible, meanwhile Dr. Seuss gave you the inspiration for your activities today. And of course, a lot of imagination to take you there! Because Dr. Seuss mentioned the time, you can also practice to show the time by the clock.


Where will you put the minute hand and the hour hand of the clock if you want to tell your parent it’s time to breakfast?


And how about bubbling time at 3.45 at noon, it’s time to bug your parents how much you want to go outside to see bubble floating in the sky, right away!


Then, you can ask them to come into your room for a good night kiss, because you’re tired already and need a hand to calm yourself further.

In every page, Dr. Seuss included each particular clock that you can match with the clock beside them. So, not only you can read his beautiful rhyme words, but also practice how to tell the time. Like, where are the minute hand and the hour hand supposed to be when it’s 9 o’clock? Or 10 past six? Also, there’s a clue on how you mention that. It can be good for non-native English speaker, too. Because, sometimes it’s hard to tell the time in English way. (I always made a mistake about it!)


I think I must point out how Dr. Seuss naming the character, because it’s so clever! There are Thing One and Thing Two, I mean, what’s more practical than that? And easy to remember, also!


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