Cover of There's Something in the Garden

Title : There’s Something in the Garden

Author : Paul Shipton

Illustrator : Jessie Eckle

Publisher : Rigby Star

Year of publishing : 2009

Age Suggestion : 4+

Type : Picture Book



From the cover, we can discover right away it’s about something that’s horrifying. Yes, it’s about monster!

There are two poor siblings named Will and Cath. Right before they sleep, they see something that makes them horrified! Monster! There are monsters right outside their window’s room! They tried hard to tell their mom what’s going on. But, you know, adults can be hard sometimes, Mom doesn’t believe them at all! How awful it must be for them!

Inside page of There's Something in the Garden
The children tried to explain to Mom that they see the monster’s shadow, Mom wouldn’t believe it!

They already convinced Mom so hard. They see it, they hear it, they even smell it! Anything that tells them that it’s of course a monster! What happen next? There are two monsters, a big one and a little one. The funny thing is, they’re also terrified by kids!

I like the funny twist that is brought by Paul Shipton. When I read this story to my son, Tombo, I can also explain about the point of view. That, in the point of view of the kids, monsters are horrible! But, of course, monsters think about the same thing about the kids. For them, they are the one who is horrible! You can see that from the different point of view, anything can be different of what we might think.

And the best part of this book, is the activity pointed out by the author before, during, and after reading the book. It’s a very complete activity for one book! It will be really useful for parents, when they read it for the smaller children.

The illustration part is quite good. In the first time, I was interested in the book by its picture. But, among the children’s picture book I read so far, this one is less interactive. The drawing is less expressive too, that it might become a little bit boring. Especially the expression showed in the monsters’ face, nothing alike with the emotion that they feel in the scene.

But, I think, the illustrator thought hard about every little detail in the picture, because it was related to the activity that I mentioned earlier. So, bravo for that!


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