The Heron and The Crane

Title : The Heron and the Crane

Author : John Yeoman

Illustrator : Quentin Blake

Publisher : Andersen Press

Year of Publishing : 2011

Age Suggestion : 4+

Type : Picture Book




This book is so funny! I can’t stop laughing when I finished it!


Okay, later. The first thing that I want to tell you all, I don’t know what the difference between the Heron and the Crane, how lack of knowledge I am! So, I browse it in Google, and found that their even in the different families of animal classification. For the appearances, Cranes’ head, beak, and neck is heavier, so if you found them flying, their neck will be in the shape of S-letter. Herons’ is lighter, so it stays straight. Hmm…


Well, a little bit fun facts from me!


The story is actually pretty simple. Very simple indeed, to put it bluntly. It’s about the Crane who wanted to marry the Heron. What made it complicated, it’s their attitude, which was really proud and wishy-washy.


There’s one scene that the Crane finally came to the Heron’s nest, and without any foreword or hint, suddenly ask her to marry him. Of course, the Heron was really surprised and came out from her mouth, “Marry you! Good gracious, what a ridiculous idea! Just look at you: you’re all legs and necks. And those awful knobbly knees!” (I don’t understand, wasn’t she just talking about herself? They looked alike! ^^;)


The inside page of The Heron and the Crane
The Heron and the Crane is really proud, so when one says sorry, the other can’t just forgive.


Of course, Kids, it’s extremely rude, even though she was just surprised. And the Crane felt really hurt and offended. The problem is, when the Heron came to him to apologize, he said something hurt to make it even with her, “as you previously remarked, I don’t want an extra beak to feed. I’m sorry, but marriage between us is out of question.”


And they went on and on, never stopped.


The funny thing is, I can really relate this kind of situation in real life, especially in adults world. Adults can be really silly, even I, myself, can be silly. It’s not getting them anywhere, but they’re still putting their pride on the top of everything. Tell your adults, being too proud is not good, okay? 😉


This is the problem about revenge, once you started it, it will never end. The other party will want to get revenge and you will want to get another revenge, and both of you will never stop, just like the Heron and the Crane!


From this story, we can also conclude that being too proud and arrogant will never help us. It will only be prevented us to say what’s actually on our mind. And we can find that it’s really disturbing our mind, we can feel guilty or unsteady, because the actual problems remain unsolved, right? So, will you be so proud, like Heron and Crane?


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