Cover of Charlie and Lola's series, I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own

Title : I Can Do Anything That’s Everything All On My Own

Author : Lauren Child

Illustrator : Lauren Child

Publisher : Puffin Books

Year of publishing : 2010

Age Suggestion : 5+

Type : Picture Book



No, you’re not mistaken. It’s the book title. It’s pretty long, huh?

The inside page of Charlie and Lola's series, I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own
Meet Charlie, certainly sister’s most favorite brother in the world and Lola, his hilariously funny little sister

Maybe you kids already heard about Charlie and Lola before. They are two cartoon characters from British Animated Television Series. Anyone who’s already familiar with Charlie and Lola must know that they’re pretty cute, right? Charlie and Lola are siblings who just like any other siblings. Of course, they love each other, too!

In this particular book, Lola starts to grow up. And just like the growing children, Lola always thinks that she can do anything that’s everything all of her own!

Lola says,

“I can button up my coat all on my own.”

“I can use the computer all on my own.”

“And I can definitely pour pink milk all on my own.”

Charlie tries to explain to her that’s not everything can be done on our own. The pink milk is passed through many monkeys before the bottles of pink milk can arrive at their house. But, Lola sure is stubborn!

What do you think will happen to Lola when she actually tries to ride on See-saw on her own? Without any friends to team up with her? You can guess, but of course you also can read it on your own!

What can I say about them? They are cute. Especially, Charlie who became a good big brother trying to explain how important that is to team up with somebody. To help each other, not only give help, but get help, too. The main point of the book is to teach you how important to work as a team.

How about the illustration? Just like my favorite drawings, messy, but funny. It’s unique and have a strong character. Something that can make you drawn into it. Funny things, I love the drawings that feels clumsy like this. But, I know how hard to find any interesting character to be drawn into the picture book like this. And children can be picky, so Lauren Child must have worked very hard! Lauren Child is the author of this book, by the way.

Not only about the drawing aspects, this book is also very creative in illustrating Charlie and Lola activities. And it’s funny, too! When Lola said that she can button up the coat, there she is standing with half of her coat covers up her head! Or when Charlie explains the pink milk and the monkeys, there are many monkeys that is on the ground watching other monkeys hanging on the rope, passing a pack of the bottle of pink milk! Hilarious, I must say.

I like how Charlie can be very patient in handling Lola in this book. Also, he’s really smart, too. There’s this scene (in the book, they also called scene!) when he’s trying to make Lola understands how fun to team up to work on something, that he gives an idea into Lola’s head. His sister becomes so exciting that she finally understands what Charlie means that she needs someone else to have fun, too. Do you want to know what that is? Hmm… I’ll give you some clues : pirates! 😉



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