The cover of The Bears' Picnic by Stan & Jan Berenstain


Title : The Bears’ Picnic

Author : Stan & Jan Berenstain

Illustrator : Stan & Jan Berenstain

Publisher : HarperCollins Children’s Book

Year of Publishing : 2008 (firstly published in 1973)

Age Suggestion : 3+

Type : Rhytmic Book, Picture Book



I gotta be honest, I’m not sure which one is the author and which one is the illustrator, so I just put them together. Even after I browsed it in the internet, I’m still not quite sure. The articles just told me that they were working together (Stan  unfortunately was dead in 2005), but Jan and Mike, her son, still remains living in Pennsylvania, and continuing the series of the stories about Father Bear, Mama Bear, and Sister Bear.


I think it’s safe to conclude that it means both of them writing and illustrating together, too.


So in this story, Father Bear has a great idea to go picnic outside. And he’s really sure he will get the picnic spot, too! Of they go to the Bears’ picnic! Unfortunately, everything’s not going smoothly for Father Bear. Every single time he found the spot that seems perfect, it turns out to be a disaster! Of course, Mama Bear and Son Bear involve, too, whether they like it or not!


Father Bear found the perfect spot for the Bears' Picnic
Do you think it’s really the perfect spot for picnic? Interesting, though!


It’s so funny how the Bears Family keep encountering only disaster, disaster and disaster every time Father Bear found a picnic spot. The good thing is Father Bear never give up in their journey finding perfect spot for picnic. But, Mother Bear have a very great idea for the most perfect picnic spot! Can you guess where?


The books from Dr. Seuss publishing company I guess always have certain character. They have this messy drawing, just like The Bears’ Picnic book here, but very interesting. Also, the story mostly has been told with some kind of poems. At least, that’s what I found so far.


I like how in the illustrator sometimes put in the certain page this tiny part of whatever will come to the next page. Like a little clue, it makes you can’t wait to flip those pages and see what they now must be faced. It can be a very fun game to guess whatever comes next!



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