Cover of Oh Say Can You Say

Title : Oh Say Can You Say

Author : Dr. Seuss

Illustrator : Dr. Seuss

Publisher : HarperCollins Children’s Book

Year of Publishing : 1979

Age Suggestion : 5+

Type : Rhytmic Book


Do you like fresh fish?


No, this book isn’t talking about the fresh fish. Neither about your favorite food. But, can you guess by the similarities there is between ‘fresh’ and ‘fish’? Yep, it’s about all the words that rhyme. Dr. Seuss put them together and beware! You might bite your tongue when you’re trying to read it, but let’s hope it’s not gonna happen.

This is a perfect book for you, young readers, who try to learn pronunciation. And what’s the matter one or two bites of tongue if you can be a really good at pronouncing? What, you don’t believe about risking your tongue when you read this book? Then, try to recite this one…


“Fetch me the finest

French fried freshest

Fish that Finney fries!”


And if you think it’s already hard on your tongue, maybe you can look up on this one. You gotta love this because it’s about the cute animal, pig!


“Then Pete puts his patted pigs away

In his Pete Briggs’ Pink Pigs Big Pigs Pigpen.”


The inside page of Oh Say Can You Say
It’s another example of twisted-tongue-words. Say, can you say?

It’s really fun way to learn many new words! And also, learn to find the words that rhyme to each other. As usual, Dr. Seuss was really creative in matching the words into one funny and exciting sentences. You will never get bored! Well, at least I know my son won’t! This book actually quite long, but my son keep it up until the last page. (Psst, he even read the subscription form in the very last page, what an eager reader he is! :D)


And he actually laughed too, when Dr. Seuss told about Fuddnuddler Brothers (this one is quite hard to pronounce); “But if Lud ever sneezes, his name will be MUD.” Hilarious, isn’t it?


Dr. Seuss also can get sly sometime, too. In the middle of the funny-twisted words, he slipped things for us to learn further. He mentioned money, hmm…money is always good to be learned. And there is the future occupations, too. About what profession you might want to do when you’re grown up. But, still he hadn’t lost the touch of the rhyme words.


When I first found this book lying around in my niece’s house, I just fetch it and decide to share it with you, kids! Right away!


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