cover of Danny the Champion of the World

Title : Danny the Champion of The World

Author : Roald Dahl

Illustrator : Quentin Blake

Publisher : Puffin Books

Year of Publishing : 1994 (First Published in 1975)

Age Suggestion : 6+

Type : Novel



A stodgy parent is no fun at all

What a child wants and deserves

Is a parent who is



This time, Roald Dahl sent message to parents, too. Yes, it’s a children’s book, but I think parents need to read their children’s books to understand children after all. And Roahl Dahl understands that. He’s a parent, anyway.


Danny and the Champion of the World is not only talking about a great little boy named Danny, but also about his marvelous dad in the whole world. He’s not a smily father, in fact, he rarely smiled. But, Danny was okay about that, because then, his dad would smile through his eyes. And what Danny loved about it, eyes will never lie, no one can ever manipulate the sparks in the eyes. I agree with you, Danny!


More so, Danny would never get bored as long as his father around. He had many, many things to create, and of course, Danny’s Dad would always include Danny. Even in his works, he let Danny to help a little bit and didn’t mind a bit if Danny covered by oil and such. He was sure a great parent!


But, like any other adult, Danny’s Dad had a deep, dark secret. Once, he was gone at midnight, leaving Danny to be very worried. At that time, his secret finally revealed. He was actually a poacher! How surprised Danny to hear that because he always thought poacher was just the same with the thief. Well, Kids, unfortunately, legally, I think it is. Because, whenever you came trespassing to other people’s territory without permission, it’s always considered against the law.


But, how can Danny finally follow his dad to poach some pheasants? I suggest you should very carefully discuss all the matters you found in this book to your parents.


Anyway, there is the scene that I really love here; Sergeant Samways dismounted from his bicycle and threaded his way carefully through the mass of pheasants squatting on the ground. The face behind the big black moustache showed no surprise, no anger, no emotion on any kind. It was calm and neutral, as the face of the law should always be. The last sentence is very true.


What I love about this book is how Roald Dahl explained that you don’t have to be rich and have magnificent expensive toys to be happy. (In Matilda, I found his same way of thinking, too) Do you know where Danny lived? It’s in old Gypsi caravan that had been modified to be the house. It was small, but it was really cozy, and the important thing, really creative works. I thought it would be fun, too! Danny never had expensive toy-store, but why would he need that if his dad already created the coolest things ever?


In his 8th birthday, for an example, Danny’s Dad built the amazing machine made from four bicycle wheels and several large soap boxes. It had brake-pedal, a steering-wheel, a comfortable seat and a strong front bumper to take the shock of a crash. Exciting, eh?


How about the science experiment about fire balloons? He made it from a bottle of methylated spirit which was burnt by some matches. When it’s all fired up, the balloon was floating and flying to the sky! There are also a kite, a boomerang, and many other things! So don’t worry if you think you don’t have enough toys at home, you can always build it! Of course, you may ask for adults’ help to get through.


In conclusion, Roald Dahl does really have many weird ways to explain and teach us things. But, it’s not bad at all, I guess!


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