Cover of children's novel Snowball the Pony by Enid Blyton

Author : Enid Blyton

Illustrator : Jan Lewis (Text Illustration) & Alan Fredman (Cover Illustration)

Publisher : Award Publications Limited

Year of Publishing : 2004 (First published in 1953)

Types : Novel

Age Suggestion : 6+



Enid Blyton sure had a sense of humor. What do you think when the first time you think of snowball? No, besides cold. White, right? But, this snowball is black, as black as soot.


The little pony and his mother lived in the big field, belong to the farmer. They loved to gallop around it and looked for the juicy grass to munch. How the little pony loved to play around with his mother in that big field. One day, the farmer sold him to the little children next to the barn where he belonged. The little pony, who didn’t have name yet, is very sad to say goodbye to his mother.


But, his mother advised him. “Now, don’t worry,” she said to him. “You will be quite all right. Always obey your master; always be kind; and take great care of any children who ride you.”


His mother also said that he will not move very far, thus there’s any possibility that they will see each other again. The little pony became excited. Can’t wait to see how large the world is. Is it as far as the hills he could see? He was surprised to find that the world is much bigger.


Chapter 4 of Snowball the Pony; Snowball and Sheila
Sheila felt worried of Snowball might be lonely

The little children soon to be his master was very nice and lovely. He began to like them all. They were also very funny because they called the pitch black pony, Snowball! Snowball liked it, even though he never see the snowball, nor understand what it is. Snowball especially loved Sheila, because the little girl bothered herself to accompany him through the first night in his new home. So, he wouldn’t feel very lonely without his mother.


His new adventures with the three lovely children, then, began. With his curiosity and observing attitude, he learned fast to mingle in his new home.


As usual, Enid Blyton gave us really great story. You will find this novel very funny, but there are many lessons you will get, too. Like, how Snowball punished a mean boy who’s very forceful towards his three little masters. Remember always be kind to other people, they will regard you for that.


And Snowball were really smart, too! Have you ever seen the little pony come to the store to buy some newspapers? I bet you haven’t, because I haven’t too!



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