I Want A Cat!

Title : I Want A Cat

Author : Tony Ross

Illustrator : Tony Ross

Publisher : Andersen Press

Year of publishing : 2015 (first published 1989)



I think this book will be my son’s favorite, because it’s about cat! Duh! My son doesn’t like cat, you know? He loves cats! So is my niece, Kekek, the true owner of this book.

And me and my son have a cat too, his name is Mochi. Yes, he is a stubborn little guy. He’s an adult cat, already 2 years old. In the cat’s world, the age is already reaching an adult years. But, he’s still really spoiled, and always trying to act cute every time he could, so adorable (sometimes, to the point of annoying, really).

The inside pages of I Want A Cat
See! Jessy’s friends has pets already!

Well, lucky for us, we have this cute pet. But Jessy, our heroine in this book, doesn’t have a pet at all. All of her friends (maybe she’s exaggerating a little bit) already have pets. Some of them have big pets, like horses (wow, I want one, too!) and some of them have small pets, like mouse (I rather have hamster even though they are still in the same family). I want a cat, she screams out of her heart.

Unfortunately, her parents hate cats! They describe them as “crawly, creepy, yowly things.” Oh, poor Jessy! Do you want to live at my house, Jessy, because I don’t mind one or two cats… 😉

But, Jessy is not a quitter. Just because her parents said no, it doesn’t mean that she gives up. So, what do you think Jessy’s doing to get what she wants? She is demonstrating against their parents! You, know, some kind of bold action that you do so other party will listen or agree with you. Wow!

Jessy will do anything. She made a cat suit from many white fluffy garments, then she acts totally like cats! She ate on the floor, she is bathing with the suits on, and many other things! So, do you think Jessy finally gets the cat? You will know after you read this book thoroughly 😉

The Inside Page of I Want A Cat
Really creative! Jessy made it by herself!

Hard note to parents, accompany and guide your children really well while reading this book. Because maybe, after this, your children will want to do it, too. I actually get this chilling that my son is gonna do the same things. But, I guess, just like the citizen of the country, everyone has rights to do that! Of course, as long as it’s not dangerous. Ugh, what a complicated feeling I’ve got!

So, this book can teach children how to demand for the rights. And through this book, the parents can guide their children how to protest about something, but in the safe way. Because children need to know what her rights, so people can’t take an advantage of them when they’re growing up.

And I love the drawings, too. In the book series of Charlie and Lola, the pastel drawing is not really so clear to me that I didn’t realize about it until recently. But, in this book, it’s crystal clear. For me, I’m not an illustrator but I like to draw one or two things, too, pastel drawing is a little bit to come through. If you didn’t do it carefully, the drawings can look like a mess. I did it once, it’s horrible ^^;

One more thing, in the watercolour or canvas painting, it’s easy to mix the colour because they’re liquids, right? But, it’s a little bit hard to do it in pastel drawing, because they are made by solid things. That’s why to get some certain colours (I especially don’t understand how to get the skin colour right) is definitely need some professional skill (at least someone who experienced well about it). Tony Ross, the illustrator and also the author, has successfully make it comes through.

And I ensure you kids, this story is funny, too! The author made this kind of twist in the story, so you know the ending is really unpredictable! And even I’m not sure it’s a happy ending or not! ^^;


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