Author : Helen Lester

Illustrator : Lynn Munsinger

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Year of Publishing : 2004

Age Suggestion : 3-4 yo



Fragility was a solid piece of work

When she walked, her world wobbled

Her strong jaws could munch a field of grass faster than any lawn mower

And she never cried when she stubbed one of her toes

But if injured toes didn’t bother Fragility, something else did. Injured feelings.

Fragility was fragile.

How easy Fragility weep her tears out!

Meet Fragility, a fragile Hippo. Every time people said something to her, she almost always became hurt, even though it’s a compliment! Ever met someone as sensitive as Fragility? The one who always cries whenever something happened or said? Or maybe you, yourself did?

It’s okay. This book will show you why. Actually, a sensitive feeling is very common. I mean, we’re human, we can’t help it being sensitive sometimes. But, beware, if you got offended and cried every time people talk, people will be afraid and reluctant talking to you. Fragility felt that, she once became the solid piece of loneliness.

But, in the end, Fragility finally was able to overcome her over-sensitive feeling. I’m not gonna tell you how, figure out by yourself, okay? It will be much more exciting if you read it by yourself. And if you’re new to be a reader, it’s okay. The language is very simple, Helen Lester didn’t even put any twisted word in this book.

Fragility is crying because she didn’t like to be compared with human 😀

This book is kinda funny, too. There’s one time Fragility was weeping because she thought she looked like human. Well, cannot really blame you, Fragility. Who wants to be human, anyway? Hehe… (Of course, I’m joking, being you, yourself is the best! Whether it’s a cute human or a big Hippo, like Fragility)

The illustration is good, I mean hippos are actually a little bit scary, right? But, in this book, Fragility is rather cute – I bet, if she heard this, she would be hurt again. The gradation color that Lynn Munsinger put is smooth, too. It’s a good drawing, but not really unique, if you know what I mean.

Well, art is sometimes about taste, too. Now, would you tell me about your taste on pictures?


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