Halibut Jackson


When I found this book, I caught up with the title; Halibut Jackson. I thought it would be some kind of the stories about fish or fisherman or anything about it. Because halibut is some kind of fish, right? It got me curious. And can you guess what I found?

The stories are not anything near about fish! At all!

It’s about the man who is really shy. And after that, I got stunned. I got really touched by the stories. I feel very sympathetic with Halibut Jackson! Because I once was a very shy person. And even now, those parts are never really gone away from myself. It’s part of me, and this book totally tells me that there’s nothing wrong with that! I will explain to you why, later.

The story starts with the very description of a shy person. “Halibut Jackson was shy. Halibut Jackson didn’t like to be noticed. Halibut Jackson liked to blend into the background.” It’s like bull’s eye! Really on the spot! That is definitely how the shy person felt all of the time. They don’t really like a bright spot light, if you know what I mean!

You kids have to know to what extent this Halibut Jackson being shy. He made a suit that is perfectly the same with the environment that he attends to. He will make a suit that has a flower and grass pattern when he comes out to play in the park. Even when he tries to buy some fruits, he will make a suit by himself that has the fruits pattern!

Just like a chameleon who can change color according to the environment. Really cool, actually!

Until one day, there’s this an accident that make him finally socialize with people, even though he is still a very shy guy! It’s really struck me because this story tells you that it’s totally okay for being shy. And there are somehow the way when you can blend with the society regardless of who you are. I mean, it happens to me! I’m still shy, you know? But, I have a lot of friends and acquaintances right now!

So, this book really delivers some messages that I hardly found on other books. Even in some of the books, they really fail to understand that there are some people who cannot do things easily, like socialize. We don’t have to feel bad just because we don’t share the same values or characters as many people do. It’s only natural. As long as your own value doesn’t hurt any other people, of course it’s okay. Still, you gotta respect other people, right? 😉

See how flashy the detailed in the illustration. A little bit too much for me.

And for the illustration part, I actually love it. But, I’m not sure that I actually love the detailed background parts. I love how David Lucas, the author of the book, I mean, draws the characters of this book. Especially Halibut Jackson, duh! But, the background is so flashy and too much detail in it, so if you are the fans of simplicity, maybe you will find it’s a little inconvenient. My nephew (oh, I really love to introduce you to this bright little girl, called Kekek) said it is cool, by the way, for your references. Note for parents: you still gotta ask for your children whether they like the drawings or not, okay?

Alas, for me, a pathetic adult who has deficient eyes already, the drawings make my eyes really tired (remember kids, read in the bright room in the good manner, sitting, for instance, so you don’t turn out like me). I still want to underline that I still love his works!

At last, I must remind you about the title. Remember that I mentioned earlier that the title actually drives me into another thoughts about this book. Totally clever, I never even think about that before. The author might be think really hard to make a catchy name for the character, and he nailed it! You know the meaning of “nailed it!” it’s the same thing with “success” or “I did it!”

Guess they’re right when they said, “don’t judge the book by its title” oh… I mean “by its cover.” 😉


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